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Five Corners Film & Video is a one-stop production house, specialized in film and video production in North and Latin America.

With offices in Brazil and the United States, we provide an array of services that include: budgeting, film permits, location scouting, aerials, casting, equipment, special effects, English-, Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking crews and translation.

In Brazil, we can help you with live transmission of any event by satellite, web-casting and video streaming.

Established in 2001, Five Corners works with production companies, ad agencies and clients worldwide, including Brazil, the U.S., England, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.


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We can take your project to the next level with the best equipment available, whether you shoot in film, HD, 4K, 5K or 6K.

We will meet all of your production needs, from light and grip, trucks, jib, dolly and sound equipment to a complete set on a studio with light and cameras.

If you need editing, online or off-line editing is done in Avid or Final
Cut, Also available are after effects, 3D and 2D animation to enhance your


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