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Film and video production has changed in a positive way during the last 10 years. That’s thanks to the world’s digital interaction, with websites and social media spreading information about production services all over the world.

With one click, you can check the new gadgets and search the best location for your project. Websites for the search of production services became a smart tool for producers. You can find the best crew, equipment, location manager, grips, anything that you need for the production.

Almost everyone speaks English but not everybody, and the language can be a barrier when you are working abroad.

Recently, we have been working on projects for the TV show “Brothers Green Eats !” for MTV and produced by Storyville Entertainment. We worked on two episodes with the Storyville producers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mexico City, Mexico.  Mike and Josh, the hosts of the show, are working on their second season, which took them on a wacky adventure around the world filled with food, martial arts, music, and comedy! The second season aired in June in over 150 countries.

Thanks to our local crew in Rio de Janeiro, coordinated by Miriam Gerber and Cibele Lorenzoni, and in Mexico City by Chris Alvarez, the productions were a success and the Storyville’s producers and the client, MTV, were very happy with the final results.

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Based on my experience, the most important factor for a producer to have a successful production is to choose the right local producer, because you don’t know the local culture and customs. That is the key to ensure the production does not end in the red, and you probably will save time, I mean, money.

The locals knows the best logistics, locations and where not to spend money, otherwise you will end up having unnecessary expenses. To choose the right crew is critical, and with more than 30 years in the production, field I’m very thankful that I have been working with very professional and trusted producers.

Roberto Grassi

Executive Producer

Five Corners Film and Video LLC



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