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I’m trying to start a blog about Film and Video Production Services in the Americas, where we can share our experiences.
After many years of working in different markets from Brazil to the USA, I really found the market that I like.
Working with people that know film production, producers, directors, and DPs from different cultures and backgrounds! I’m glad that I worked with professionals from many countries.
I love to travel and to produce. Nothing is better than the feeling and the smell of the new challenge …
With crews spread in the Americas, and bases in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, and the USA, we can produce in any country in North and Latin America. We have worked in many locations like Grand Canyon, Amazon, Atacama Desert/Chile, Sonoran Desert/ Arizona, Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, among many others.
In terms of equipment, we use the top line, Cannons, Alexas, Reds, with a prime lens, plus 4K Drones and LED lights that can be used in location or studio. For “streaming packages”, we have one, and multi-camera packages.
PS: I still remember the old styrofoam reflectors that we used to use back on time in Brazil. Yes, the world has changed!

Our crew is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Five Corners Film is ready to take your project.

Write me a line, if you have questions.



Prime Lens  Roberto Grassi

Executive Producer

“In this field, we are

always learning.”


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