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I’m trying to start a blog about Film/Video Production where we can share our experiences.
After 30 plus years working on different markets from Brazil to USA, I really found the market that I like.
Working with people that knows film production, producers, directors and DPs from different cultures and backgrounds! I’m glad that I worked with professionals from many countries.
Love to travel and producing. Nothing is better than this feeling and the smell of the a new challenge …
With crews spread in the Americas and bases in Brazil and USA, we worked in so many locations like Grand Canyon, Amazon, Atacama Desert/Chile. Mexico City, Buenos Aires among many others.
Celebrities and extras, Cannons 5Ds, Alexas and Reds, HMI, LED we have all. ….
I still remember the old styrofoam reflectors that we used to use back on time in Brazil, any wind and the production was delayed…
Crew fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, Five Corners Film is ready to take a project.
Write me a line, we are always learning in this field.



Roberto Grassi

Executive Producer @fivecornesfilm


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  • Richard

    Hope you have made it by now! Like your Blog anyway good job!

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